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Exhibition by Cym

The Order Of Things - an exhibition by Cym at the library in Harmelen

Starting April 14, 2014.

Free entry!

Solo-exhibition by Cym at Bakkerij Versluis

Coffee photography, large prints, 50 x 70 cm and 70 x 100 cm.

A special photo-series made by Cym.

Solo-exhibition at Tearoom Versluis in Woerden.
From August 19 until October 12, 2013.

Free entry - just order a coffee!

Exhibition by Cym

Exhibition by CymExhibition by CymExhibition by Cym

Solo-exhibition by Cym in the basement of the Art Building

Black and white photography with color details, large prints, 70 x 48 cm.

Black and white photos with color details explore everyday life situations in Austria and the Netherlands. Small details are highlighted in black and white compositions, transforming everyday situations into unusual compositions.

Exhibition until 21st December 2012

Oscar in China

Oscar in China

The project 'Oscar in China' tells the story of a young boy who is traveling to China.

The film is now online at:

  De Orde Der Dingen

Interaction Design & Unstable Media

An overview of Cym's projects made at the Rietveld Academy - 2009-2011

With Cym's photo art publication 'De Orde Der Dingen' and more

The winning video!

Oskar and Cym were invited to visit the Queen's palace after winning a youtube video competition organized by the youtube channel of the Dutch Royal House.

Here is the official documentation of our visit to the palace in June 2010 (in Dutch).

Cym and Oskar are interviewed at 1:10, just after the images of the 'Gouden Koets' (the Golden Coach). At 1:31 you can see Oskar with my famous small pink digital camera.
  Cym Game

Happy New Year!

Play game in larger window

A game made by Cym for the new year in 2000.
The game can be played any time in the year.

Click on a piece next to the empty square to move the piece. Keep clicking on the pieces until the image is correct. Move the piece on the right bottom as the last piece when all others are in the right position, to complete the image. The game will tell you how many moves you needed and how much time it took you to solve the puzzle.

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