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The Fragmented Wall

The Wall Installation

The 'Fragmented Wall' is an installation made out of 90 separate photos. The photos have been printed in black and white on sheets of 28x20cm. The photos are mounted directly on the wall. Together they form an installation.

The photos show the reconstruction of a room, with a desk and lots of bookshelves. On the desk are a computer monitor, a television screen and piles and piles of paper. The shelves are full with books, cds, souvenirs and other collectables.

The photos have been ordered in a very strict way. A grid divides the chaotic photos into a structure. The total image becomes a strange impression of ordered chaos, of a chaotic room full with things, ordered in a clear pattern.

The Web Reconstruction

The web reconstruction of this installation shows the photos as seperate images, similar to the wall installation. Each photo is a single element. Together they form the composition. The images have not been joined together with the use of photo editing software, but are connected together as an HTML table.

Each image can be viewed seperately. The entire image cannot be saved as a single image. You will have to save each image separately, or save the entire HTML table. A possibility to save the whole composition as a single image, is to make a screen grab.

I have already made a screen grab for you. You can download a single image of the composition below.


>> Online version: the web reconstruction

>> Photo documentation: the wall installation

>> Download the composition as a single image:
small (371x312) - medium (550x461) - large (1100x922)

  Fragmented Wall Online Web Reconstruction
View the online composition

“In computer storage, fragmentation is a phenomenon in which storage space is used inefficiently, reducing storage capacity and in most cases performance. The term is also used to denote the wasted space itself.”
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