Shadow Casters - July 2001

The Shadow Casters workshop took place in Zagreb, Croatia from July 14th till July 28th, 2001.

During this time the workshop participants explored and experienced the city.
Their trips, views and workshops during this time were transferred by each
participant into an individual website. These webpages were the starting point
for the presentations on July 26, 27 and 28.

The basics of HTML were explained by CYM during two afternoons in Ergonet.
Another afternoon was spent with CYM in a park in Zagreb to discuss possible
structures for a website. All participants created their webpages
with a minimal set of html, connecting pages like points in a city,
translating navigation inside a city into navigating a website.

Click on the map to view the websites made by
the Shadow Casters workshop participants.

Zagreb by cym
Abstract map of Zagreb - made by CYM - click to enter

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Website made after trips through Zagreb
Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Website used for performance
July 28, 2001 - Ergonet, Zagreb
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The Shadow Casters workshop was part of the Urban Festival Zagreb 2001.